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The Charity

The Curdridge Reading Room & Recreation Ground Charity has been a Chartered Incorporated Organisation (CIO) since August 2013, registered with the Charity Commission in England and Wales under the charity number 1153056.

The change to a CIO was an opportunity to review and update the charity's constitution to bring it up to date and make it relevant to how the CIO needed to operate, to protect Trustees from personal liability and enable to charity to form contracts with suppliers and contractors in it's own right.

What is the main change in how the Charity (CIO) run?

  •  The old Charity was run by a large group of Trustees appointed by village organisations who meet regularly at the Reading Room (the Managers).  Most of the day to day duties were delegated to a smaller sub-committee (the Officers).

  • The new Charity (CIO) is run on a day to day basis by a board of Trustees who are elected annually by a new group – Members of the Charity.

  • The new Trustees and Members are bound by the governing document (Constitution) of the CIO (Charity) and Operating Procedures which were agreed by the former Trustees of the old Charity in July, 2013.  Click on the buttons below to view these documents.

What does the Charity do?

The ‘Objects’ of the Charity remain broadly the same. Put simply, the Charity exists to run both the Reading Room and the Recreation Ground for the benefit of all of the inhabitants of Curdridge and Curbridge, providing and maintaining a facility for recreation, sport, religion and learning activities.

How you can support the Charity

There are a number of ways that you can support us.  These include:

  • Coming along to our fundraising events;

  • Hiring the facilities for your own functions;

  • Becoming a Member of the Charity - click here to download the form to complete and return

  • Volunteering to help either at a fundraising event or at a Community Maintenance Day;

  • Join the Curdridge Village Events Planning Team – the team that organise & run the fundraising events;

  • Making a donation to the charity – either as a one-off or a regular payment;

  • Attending one of the classes or activities that take place at the Reading Room;

  • Follow us on Facebook

Click on the image opposite for full details about supporting the charity.

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Charity members Image.jpg

Since Members are responsible for electing the Trustees and holding them to account, we are eager to receive applications for Membership from as many interested parties as possible.


Membership Application Forms can be downloaded by clicking on the image.  Paper copies are also available at the Reading Rooms. 


Please return your application form to: Membership Applications, Curdridge Reading Room, Reading Room Lane, Curdridge, SO32 2HE


The current Trustees are Vanessa (Chair), Harriet, Bill, Larry and Chloe.  There are up to 3 remaining Trustee positions to be filled and we are eager to hear from anyone who would like to help and who would be interested in joining us as a Trustee at the next AGM (usually held in May/June time).


If you would like any further information about what is involved in becoming a Trustee, please do not hesitate to contact us or click here to visit the Charity Commission website and their guidance on being a charity trustee.

Trustee Meetings

​Trustee meetings are usually held every month.  The first 30-minutes are set aside for public comments and questions and anyone is welcome to attend.  If you are planning on coming along, please let us know by contacting our Facilities Coordinator either by calling 07704 208703 or by emailing  These meetings usually take place on the first Monday of each month in the Committee Room at 7:30pm with occasional exceptions.

Minutes of previous meetings are available HERE

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