Memorial Bench Scheme


Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 16.45.31Memorial benches and picnic tables can be placed in various locations around the Reading Room and Recreation Ground, to commemorate a loved one, to celebrate a special event or anniversary or to allow members of the public to make a dedication of their choice.

Benches are approximately six feet long and include a back rail where a brass plaque can be placed. Picnic tables include seats with space for the plaque on the table. Both the benches and picnic tables are made from recycled materials and have been selected for their durability.

Conditions of Dedication

Memorial benches and picnic tables are installed for a fixed period of ten years. At the end of the term the Charity will attempt to contact the donor and offer to extend the period based on the charges at the time.

The Charity will try and accommodate the applicant’s preference for the location of the bench or picnic table. The Charity reserves the right to refuse an application if the preferred location is unsuitable and to offer an alternative site.

Once the bench or picnic table has been installed it becomes the property of the Charity. The Charity then takes liability and responsibility for all maintenance requirements.
No maintenance of any kind should be undertaken by the donor, their family or their representatives.

At the end of the dedication term, and where it is not possible to contact the donor to offer to extend the period, or where the donor chooses not to renew the donation, the Charity will remove the memorial plaque and where reasonably practical will return it to the donor. Please inform the Charity if your contact details change.

The Charity will not replace benches or picnic tables which are lost or damaged beyond repair. The donor will be notified if this is the case so please make sure that your contact details are kept up to date.

The brass plaque will be a maximum size of 150mm x 60mm. The maximum number of words is 15.

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 16.52.12Location

Potential locations around the site can be seen on the plan to the right (click to enlarge) and in the brochure (below). If you have a particular location in mind please submit the application form and we will consider your request and agree a site with you. The application form can be found with this brochure.


New memorial benches and picnic tables will normally remain on site for a period of ten years, after which time they become available for renewal or re-dedication. During the ten year period the maintenance and reasonable repairs for the bench or picnic table will be the responsibility of The Reading Room Charity and are covered in the initial cost.

Vandalism and Damage

If the bench or picnic table is damaged beyond reasonable repair the Charity will remove it and will inform you of this action. We will look to offer a replacement but this will be at the standard charge applicable at the time. The Charity does not hold insurance cover for the damage, loss or destruction of benches or picnic tables.


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